The story of the Ljubljana Cake

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Once upon a time, there lived a lord in the Ljubljana Castle. This lord had a beautiful daughter. She wanted a husband who would pamper her with only the finest sweets. The lord gave in to his daughter's wish and let it be proclaimed across the land that the man who made the most delectable cake for his daughter would be rewarded with her hand in marriage.

The news eventually reached a young cook who lived in a remote village, where he treated the villagers to feasts of fantastic food every day. As soon as he heard of the lord's proclamation, he saddled his horse and set out for Ljubljana. He rode all the way to the castle, where the lord told him: "Many suitors have tried to make the perfect cake for my beautiful daughter, but so far none has succeeded. The only way to succeed is to create a cake using the best ingredients you can find in my city and country." The young cook looked closely at the city and the surrounding countryside. In a sunny spot behind the castle walls, he found a fig tree that had just borne sweet fruit. The cook picked some figs and placed them in his satchel. On the Rožnik and Golovec hills, he gathered sweet chestnuts. Wandering the city streets, he found a riverside miller selling delicious, sweet buckwheat flour.

The cook worked hard testing different recipes. At last he created a cake that he knew would impress the lord and delight his daughter. The cook glazed the cake with chocolate and carried it up to the castle. As he was led before the lord and his daughter, the lord glared at him: "If the cake displeases me or, more importantly, if it displeases my daughter, it will be off with your head!" But the cook was not worried. He offered the lord and his beautiful daughter a piece of the cake. They each took a bite. A radiant smile soon spread over her face, announcing to everyone present that the clever cook would be chosen as the lucky bridegroom. The two were soon married and the cook's cake was served as the starter, main course and dessert at their wedding. The festivities lasted for seven days and seven nights, with each guest eating one last piece of cake before finally going home. The cake is still eaten by people living in Ljubljana today. It is still exactly the same as it was when the clever cook first brought it up to the castle. This is the story of the Ljubljana Cake.

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