Unesco heritage in Ljubljana

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While walking along the cute street of our capital Ljubljana and talking about the architecture and life style many travelers asked us: “Is this listed as UNESCO heritage?”

Until August this year, our answer was “No”. Well, since summer 2021 the situation has changed. We are proud to inform you; finally, the works of our exceptional architect Jože Plečnik are on this list of the most eminent world works.
Jože Plečnik, born in Ljubljana in 1872, was not so successful at local school, so as a late teenager helped his father in his workshop. His talent woke up and the destiny brought him to one of the most prominent Architectural Schools in those days: to Vienna and to professor Otto Wagner. His studies he finished with Excellency and he got an excellent prize: as a young man to travel for a year to France and Italy! Later on, he returned to Vienna, to Prague and finally, 100 year ago back to his birthplace Ljubljana.
He has been designing our bellowed city for the rest of his life, until 1957 when he died in his house in Trnovo, a must see district in Ljubljana.
Jože Plečnik was ascetic man, on one side hard working and stubborn, on the other side soft and with a great feeling for a human being. All this you will notice immediately when exploring around the city. A must visit are the riverbanks of Ljubljanica river, Congress Square, Vega Street, Bridge in Trnovo with his house, now a museum, Ljubljana’s castle, cemetery Žale, as well as some local churches that are now UNESCO heritage.
If you would like to hear some more interesting stories from the life of our master, we invite you to spend your Ljubljana’s time with us, tourist guides- local experts.  There is so much to be admired: not only in the city center, also in the area close by.
In case you need a help with planning your tour, we invite you, to join us on one of our live-streamed tours or off site online pre tour consultation. We would like to help you organize a most memorable time in Ljubljana or even the rest of Slovenia.
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