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Slovenian is a very unique language. There are only around 2, 5 million people using it (2 million in Slovenia and the rest around the world). Many visitors ask us, how have we managed to keep it being on the crossroads of many European cultures and throughout of our turbulent history. Well, our secret will be revealed on our tour in the capital of Slovenia.

In three hours walking tour we are going to reveal secrets – some even more than 1000 years old. With a help of Slovenian literature creators and their works, a strong Slovenian identity has been formed. After more than a thousand years it became one of the prominent languages which can be heard in our European Parliament.

We are going to share stories of individuals, who dedicated their lifeworks to grammatically form the language, to prove it to the outer world, what a high quality language this is, why it should be respected as any other, what was the path to become an official language, why it is so unique and what is the situation today.

Time: by request

Duration: 3 hrs.

Price: 120 EUR

Additional suggestion:

Suitable for everyone who is interested in contemporary life with a touch of history.

Walking tour, please have comfortable shoes and be dressed according to the weather conditions.

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