Ljubljana - Slovenian capital in the woods

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Have you heard, Slovenia is the third greenest country in Europe? Travelling along the country is a balm for your eyes: green, green, green. No matter, higher Alps, lower Dolenjska, flat Pannonia terrain or lime stone terrain on the south west of Slovenia. Our new Slovenian slogan is called: green- active – healthy.

Capital Ljubljana is situated right in the middle of this. There are woods all around: Šišenski hrib as a part of the prealpine area, Šmarna gora as a lonely rider along the Sava River, Castle hill as the beginning of the Golovec- a part of Dinaric mountain chain which stretches to the east. And on the south? Our precious Ljubljana Marshland- the most southern swamp terrain in the whole Europe!

Embraced with woods we offer a wide range of possibilities how to spend your time in our capital. Not only culture, also nature is worth visiting. When on a regular tour in the city, we will encounter three birch trees, protecting the muse at Prešeren Monument. Next to the Three bridges and along the river you will notice slim, tall poplar trees. Towards Dragon’s bridge along the river you will be seduced by a scent of linden tree flowers. The biggest one can be seen in our Botanical garden. Along the riverbanks towards Trnovo you could hide under the whipping willows bending their elegant branches towards beloved Ljubljanica River. When hot, especially on Congress square or some parts along the river you will be protected by big leaves of plane/maple or sycamore trees. When reaching the castle hill you will be impressed by an alley of Horse chess nut trees. When doing a tour by boat, you will notice, the first proper trees at the beginning of marshland is common or black alder. When on a stroll along the famous Jakopič promenade in Tivoli garden you will not miss: beach trees, oak, spruce and others. You will have a chance to embrace the mighty tree trunks and enjoy singing many species of birds. After a busy city visit that will be a treat for your souls!
Would you like a companion? Come and join us on one of our customized tours. Together we are going to discover how beautiful our capital in the woods is!

Traveling with a private tour guide on a private tour, you profit in many ways: you get the authentic presentation of people living in the country, intriguing local stories and most important: you get to know the hidden treasures known by local tourist guides only.

Private tours are YOUR tours- let us do it the way you deserve it!

Do not hesitate; contact us, we would be very happy to make a perfect city escape for you!

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