Rožnik - June

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The month of Roses

June - the 6th month in a year, is called after ancient Roman goddess Juno: goddess for love and marriage. Most of Slovenians call this month JUNIJ. However, some of us, still remember old, Slavic name of June - ROŽNIK.

Roža in Slovenian language means a flower and often one very particular one- the ROSE. June meadows are generally full of colourful little flowers. However, our gardens are mainly decorated with scented blooms of most popular garden plants, the flower of flowers - roses. Slovenian roses are mainly a decoration only. We do not make rose oils or rose water- maybe for a personal use only. From time to time you will find a rose brandy or rose liquor, jam or marmalade or maybe as a decoration on your plate.

The rose is most admired for it beauty, there is almost no Valentine's Day or birthday without a rose. Rose plants range in size from compact, miniature roses, to climbers that can reach seven meters in height. They can be grown in borders, containers, over arches, pergolas and as groundcover.

Whenever looking at a rose, our eyes are fed with the diversity of shades of hybrids. While in our capital Ljubljana, we invite you to go for a stroll along the beds of rose pillows in the biggest park in Ljubljana Tivoli or even in our Botanic garden. There are many different roses; however, one will catch your eyes: the LJUBLJANA ROSE. It was presented to us two years ago, in year 2015. Names of Roses have magical meanings. Ljubljana rose is a new hybrid. Our honorary Ljubljana citizen Matjaž Kmecl wrote in the commemorative text dedicated to the Ljubljana rose: "Now it is here, the Ljubljana rose.White because Ljubljana's colours are white and green, and the city is in fact a white beauty amid a sea of green forests: so it is with this new rose – an enchanting white flower amid gleaming green leaves. At the sight of it, that troubadour of old would once more enthusiastically cry: 'Grow and love us, our beloved garden rose!' Let us love it too; from this time forth it is ours, just as the city we live and love in is ours!"

If you would like to admire the beauties of this cream coloured beauty, we invite you to join us on a guided walk or even on a private bike tour. Next to that, we would be happy to take you for a day tour to the coast, to our port of roses: Portorož or to a new, post war constructed city of Nova Gorica which chose a red rose to be their city symbol.

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