Slovenia - the county of natural hot water springs

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Slovenia is situated in the central south part of Europe, between two mountain ranges: Alps and Dinaric Mountains. Young Alps are spread in France on the west, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Germany in the central part and Slovenia on the east. Julian Alps in Slovenia are so unique that the great part of them is a National park. In South Eastern part of Slovenia dominate Dinaric Mountains, that touch the capital Ljubljana with the Hills around the city.

Because of tectonically movements between these two mountain ranges are locals almost used to regular light earthquakes.

On the other hand, there are also some advantages. The most attractive are numerous natural springs with warm fresh water throughout of the year. When in Slovenia and driving around the country, you are going to see signs, invitations to stop at some TOPLICE- Spas. However, if you decide to spend some time with locals as well, they might show you also the way to cute, little hot water springs that are hidden in the green woods just around the corner of their homes.

Why wouldn’t you join us? We could discover our treasures together. You will learn something new, we will have fun and we will become the best friends. Peace through tourism.

Tours can be done in person or live, online. DOBRODOŠLI!

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