Ljubljana's old town - an artist’s delight

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Ljubljana's main attractions are situated along the city center: Prešeren's Square, Three bridges, Farmer's and Plečnik Market, Butcher's, Cobbler's and Dragon' bridge, Cathedral, City Hall and Congress Square with University Palace. However, the most charming part is the oldest part: the area around Stari trg and Gornji trg.

We invite you, to visit this part of the city as well. From Cobbler's bridge you just continue along the river of Ljubljanica and near the modern sculpture of Equorna, you need to turn left in so-called Stiška ulica. Another possibility is that you follow the narrow path from the City hall toward South and very soon, you are going to notice the area gets very narrow. Well, in the past, everyone wanted to live here, since this was the safest part of the city. There was not much room between the river, city walls and the castle hill, so houses had to be very narrow – max three window asses and that was already a luxury! The owners had to pay an extra tax, a kind of a luxury tax. Just continue, soon you are going to reach Hercules Fountain and from here turn uphill to the left. On the way are going to be numerous little shops, workshops and artist's ateliers. Pop in, have a look what are they creating. They will be happy to share their ideas with you.

If you are hungry or thirsty, this is the best place to be. Numerous little bars and restaurants where locals like to go for a glass of wine, beer, for a coffee or even a nice lunch or dinner.

Like to hike? No problem, just continue left from the St Florian's church at the Gornji trg and soon you are going to reach Ljubljana Castle at the top of the hill. What is going to be a reward for your steep hike? Gorgeous view around Ljubljana. If you are lucky, you are going to see one third of Slovenia!

You do not want to explore the city on your own? No problem, contact us, we would be happy to have a chance to share with you our local stories and hints! Tours can be done in person or live, online. DOBRODOŠLI!

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