Light in our lives

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The importance of light in our lives

Last weekend in October, we changed the time on our clocks and days are getting shorter and darker. Darkness generally is not a preferred state. Light is something that lifts us up, get us more energy and is more positive. It has a deep meaning in people’s lives.

Some of the most attractive Holidays are in this “dark part of the year”- let us have a look.

November 1st, All saints day: in Slovenia, it is a long tradition of lighting up candles on the graveyards of our relatives and friends that deceased. Light represents the memory of the ones that passed away. Our ancient cultures, when they transferred the dead body to the other side of the river (symbolically to the other world) always added a lighted up candle accompanying it: so they would find the right path to the new world.

At the end of November or better four weeks before Christmas, Advent celebration is starting. Advent is the time, when we prepare our souls for the birth of God’s son. It lasts four weeks. This is the time, when every Advent Sunday we light up on candle. Symbolically: we are coming closer and closer to the day when Jesus will be born. He is the light in our lives. On the last Advent Sunday all four candles are burning: the light –Jesus will be born soon. There are some other celebrations like St Lucia day (on Dec 13), however, in Slovenia mainly celebrated in the part close to Italy. The Advent time is the time for our friends and ourselves: we celebrate the life and happiness. Many Slovenian cities and towns are decorated with thousands of lights, there are many stands with gifts and many more with snacks, mulled wine or scented Christmas tea. It is a must visit, just make sure you will be dressed well.

Generally, we say, wintertime is the time to slow down. The nature is taking a rest, so we should do as well. However, some of the daily routine has to be done. Thanks to Nikola Tesla (who spent some time in Slovenia as well) today, that is not a problem anymore: we just switch the button on the wall and that is it.

In the past, it was not so simple. People were very creative when trying to bring some light into the dark days. In Roman times, they largely used oil lamps. Some of really well preserved ones you can admire in our Museums.

In medieval times, vax candles were used on daily basis. Yes, they were not so affordable. Material was expensive and artisans used them in modest amounts. They hardly waited until St Gregory day in March when finally the days were long enough to work with a day light only. On the farms, they were luckier. Farmers, known as passionate beekeepers, used beeswax for candle making. When on tour with us we can include the presentation of the art of candle making. You will be surprised, how nicely decorated candles can be! Even a prominent Slovenian architect Plečnik could not resist decorating them!

Did you know that, there was no candle light allowed in the Seminary Library? This is one of the main reason, why the rich frescoes stayed clean until today.

European heritage is very diverse. Slovenian culture contributes to its richness. Just a short walk or a short day tour will bring you to a completely new world.

Traveling with a private tour guide on a private tour, you profit in many ways: you get the authentic presentation of people living in the country, intriguing local stories and most important: you get to know the hidden treasures known by local tourist guides only.

Private tours are YOUR tours - let us do it the way you deserve it!

Do not hesitate; contact us, we would be very happy to make a perfect experience for you!

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