Lake Bled – a perfect wedding destination

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Just seeing Lake Bled in the photos it becomes clear why it has been a favourite wedding destination for centuries. Today, the traditional spirit of this remarkable location is complemented by a touch of modernity, but still sticking to its traditional look. Close your eyes and picture the most beautiful day of your life – your wedding day.

A fairytale scenery of the alpine Lake Bled with its island in the middle, green colour of the vast surrounding forests, and majestic white mountains surrounding this beautiful jewel. Lake Bled is arguably one of the world’s greatest attractions and many people have promised their eternal love in this magical place.

Wonderful Lake Bled wedding venues

As the local wedding planners suggest, the best and most popular months to get married at Lake Bled are at the beginning and at the end of the summer. The fresh summer alpine air, the stunning scenery of the lake with its island in the middle, green horizons of the surrounding forests and majestic mountains all around make it certainly a top wedding destination.

One of the most desired Lake Bled wedding venues is the Lake Bled Castle from the 11th century. It is situated at the top of a cliff from where it reigns over the beautiful Lake Bled. Besides the castle, other excellent wedding venues that this green town has to offer are the Bled Island church, Vila Bled, Grand Hotel Toplice, St. Martin’s Parish Church, Lake Bled Town Hall, and various other churches of the Bled’s surrounding area.

A wedding with a view

Bled Castle isn’t just the oldest one in Slovenia, it also offers the most picturesque view of Lake Bled and its wider area.

But there's more! Did you know Tito, the former Yugoslav president, had a very elegant summer residence at Lake Bled? Reigning on the unique location over the lake is now a prestigious hotel Vila Bled, which frequently hosts the most important statesmen and famous actors, such as Richard Burton.

Besides its VIP shine, Bled has another chic hotel – the luxurious Grand Hotel Toplice. The wedding banquet at this hotel with its heavenly view from its terrace is something to seriously consider for your happiest day. The hotel wonderfully combines chic and modern style and is certainly one of the most stylish venues to consider for your wedding day.

Just imagine how amazing your wedding photos would be!

Keep your guests active and entertained

While you are getting excited about the most important day of your life, fixing last details with your wedding planner, getting ready to become the most beautiful bride, your guests might like to explore Bled and its surroundings and try some memorable day tours. Give them a tip: a walk to the castle, a ride by pletna boat to the island and trying the traditional cream cake along the lakeside are all an absolute must-do! There is simply no meal or event in Lake Bled without the symbol of Bled gastronomy - a cream cake or ‘kremšnita’, as the locals call it.

A fun full-day activity is also a guided trip to the nearby Lake Bohinj. Rumour has it that due to its beauty even Agatha Christie, who was a regular visitor, could not imagine a murder in this beautiful Slovenian corner of heaven. Into your day trip, you can also include a hike to Waterfall Savica or a cable car ride to Mount Vogel.

Make a wish!

The romantic Lake Bled Island is one of the most popular places for tourists in Slovenia to visit since it has a rich history and many mysterious stories to discover. Lake Bled Island Church wedding is a magical option for all couples in love. The island church of the Mother of God is a symbol of the lake with a monumental staircase of 99 stairs leading to it. According to tradition, the groom has to carry the bride up all the steps to ensure a healthy marriage.

If you feel sporty, you can rent an SUP and paddle on the lake all the way to the island. However, the easiest, and perhaps most romantic, way to reach the island is by a traditional 'pletna' boat.

Don’t forget to ring the bell of desire on the island and make your wishes come true!

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