Education in Slovenia

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Have you ever wondered how people got educated in the past? Did you know that in those days being educated, an intellectual was a luxury? Even education in your mother tongue was an exception, unbelievably!

Well, in Slovenia, these days, we are celebrating 100th anniversary of education in Slovenian language and 400 years of higher education in our area. Namely, after the WWI, our territory, as a part of the Monarchy of Serbs, Croats and Slovenians, got the right to establish University in Slovenian language. Before our intellectuals had to study in Vienna, Prague, Graz, women even further - in St Petersburg …

First known schools we got in Roman times. Later on, in medieval times, 13th century, German Teutonic Knights were the ones who established a school in Latin language. Their monastery was closed after the WWI and today there is an open - air theatre Križanke and a High school for Design and Photography.

For a long time, the educated ones were primarily monks. They wrote all the documents and books by hand in so-called scriptoriums. One of the most well- known monasteries Stična is still today active and it is not far away from Ljubljana. We can visit it on one of our half or full day tours. In the reformation period, 16th century, our protestant Primož Trubar put a lot of effort. He wanted Slovenians to be educated, to read Holy Bible in their mother tongue. He wrote also the first spelling book Abecedarium. After the counter- reformation, Jesuits came and 400 years ago, in year 1619, established the first High school in Ljubljana. In Maria Theresa times, 18th century, first schools for young children were established. Not all the children were allowed to go to school. Their parents needed them at home- to work. The time after the French revolution was a step ahead: we got more scholars and in the period of Illyrian Provinces we finally got the first University in Slovenian language…the only problem was, it did not last for a long time. The struggle continued until the end of the WWI when finally our modern Slovenian University with five Faculties was established.

And today? Well, come and join us on one of our tours, if you will have more time, we can enrich our experience with a visit to a spectacular Seminary Library or a discovery of a unique National and University Library done by our prominent architect Jože Plečnik.

Exploring the area you visit with a local expert you profit in many ways: you get the authentic presentation of people living in the country, intriguing local stories and most important: you get to know the hidden treasures known by locals only.

Make sure, your travel is authentic. Private tours are YOUR tours- let us do it the way you deserve it!

Do not hesitate; contact us, we would be very happy to make a perfect experience for you!

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